Why Are Organic Tampons Better For You?

Why Are Organic Tampons Better For You?
Tampons are one of the most popular ways to manage periods. They’re small enough to fit in the palm of a hand but absorbent enough to offer hours of worry-free leak-protection. The average woman will use about 11,000 tampons during the course of her life. That’s a lot of tampons, and if you’re using conventional tampons, it might be a lot of other stuff, too.

Used inside your body to absorb your menstrual flow, tampons are easy and convenient to use. They offer less mess and more comfort. However, that design also means they have more intimate contact with your most delicate tissues. If you’re using conventional tampons, you might be getting more than just the period protection you expect.Conventional Tampons

Regular tampons are notorious for upsetting the unique balance of the vaginal flora. Your vagina is home to a carefully balanced blend of healthy bacteria, which keep it clean, comfortable and healthy. Synthetic fibers, artificial dyes, added fragrances and other ingredients can upset that balance and leave your body vulnerable to yeast overgrowth, bacterial infections and irritation.

That’s not all they can do, however. Even though the FDA regulates tampons as medical devices, they don’t require regular safety testing. To better understand the potential risks of conventional tampons, you’ll need to know what’s in them.

Cotton is one of the most basic tampon materials. Conventionally grown cotton is grown using pesticides and other chemicals, which can be absorbed into the cotton fibers. Synthetic rayon fibers are often added to tampons to boost the absorbency. This helps tampons contain leaks more effectively, but the fibers can also irritate and inflame your vaginal tissues.

The cotton and other fibers are bleached to a bright white, but the chlorine used to bleach them gives off dioxin as a byproduct. Dioxin has been linked to endometriosis and cancer. It’s also a known endocrine disrupter, which can interfere with your hormones, aggravate PCOS and increase the risk of fertility problems.

Even the applicators can be problematic. The plastic is a major source of BPA, which has been linked to reproductive disorders, thyroid problems, obesity and other potentially serious health issues.

This might all sound pretty scary, but there are other vagina-friendly options. Organic tampons offer the convenience and comfort of conventional tampons but without all the additives and chemicals.

Organic Cotton Tampons

Pesticide-free 100% cotton tampons offer a vagina-friendly alternative, and they’re good for more than just your vagina. Organic tampons can also be better for the environment. Because you won’t be contributing to pesticide-use, you’re reducing the ecosystem’s exposure to pollutants.

Anything that contacts your vaginal tissue will also have access to the rest of your body. Organic cotton has to clear a lot of hurdles before the FDA allows that organic label. When you choose 100% cotton tampons, you know what you’re getting and what you’re not getting. Our organic cotton tampons are free of irritating synthetic fibers. The cotton used in them is grown without pesticides or other potentially harmful chemicals. They are not bleached, so there is no risk of dioxin exposure.

Because 100% cotton tampons are free of additives and synthetic materials, they are a healthier, skin-friendly alternative. This means your vaginal environment can stay fresh and free of tampon-related irritation or infection, and your body won’t be exposed to all those toxins.


At Kali, we understand the importance of using only the safest, healthiest products during your period, which is why we offer 100 percent organic cotton tampons. Our natural cotton tampons have no chlorine, dye, fragrance or synthetic ingredients to irritate the vulva or pass through vaginal tissues. Our organic tampons are made with hypoallergenic, certified organic cotton obtained from ethically farmed and sustainably sourced farmers and manufacturers.

If you’re not a tampon user, we also offer a full selection of organic cotton pads and menstrual cups. We customize your period products with tampons, cotton pads and wipettes to better match your period needs. Even better, we add a little touch of luxury to each box we send to ensure your period is both healthier and happier. Check us out at KaliBoxes.com today to learn more or to get started.


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