Heavy or prolonged menstrual bleeding

Causes of Heavy or Prolonged Menstrual Bleeding

Periods are bad enough, and their is not a female on this planet that enjoy going through them on a monthly basis. You may have heavy menstrual bleeding or your period may last for longer than the normal time frame. You may be wondering, why is my period so heavy? There are a couple causes that can be the answer to that question. You may have fibroids or you may have just given birth a few months back. Organic tampons are not the end all solution for heavy bleeding.

By having fibroids, they can cause you to have a heavy period. There are many women who may not know they have them. If your periods are too heavy to handle, you may want to see a doctor. They could diagnose them if they ordered x-rays or ultrasounds on your abdominal region. You may also find out you have them if you are pregnant on your period and go in for your first ultrasound to the baby. Their is really nothing you can do about them. There are some cases where you may have to have a hysterectomy if you want them removed. They will not hurt you as long as they are benign. By purchasing organic tampons, they will soak up a majority of the blood, you will have to check with your tampon subscription so you do not have to go through several tampons a day.  how long do periods lastperiod problems

If you have just given birth a few months ago and your periods are starting back up again, they will be different. They may be heavier or they may last longer than it was before you became pregnant. It happens, and it may change again. A lot of women have irregular periods so it can change when you least expect it. Women’s blog

The question, why is my period so heavy, may not be weighing so heavily on your mind by now. The causes may be fibroids or you may have just had a baby. Organic tampons will help with the heaviness of your period. Some women also go on birth control to regulate their periods so they will not be as frequent or as heavy.

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