Heavy Or Prolonged Menstrual Bleeding

Heavy or prolonged menstrual bleeding
On the market, there are several different types of products that help with a monthly menstrual cycle. Periods can range from medium to heavy depending on the individual and if there are any underlying medical concerns. Kali Boxes put women’s’ health first when it came to designing tampons. Mass production of tampons has left many women with health issues solely because of what chemicals are placed inside them for absorbency purposes. Below explains how heavy or prolonged bleeding can be caused by commercially marketed tampons.

Heavy or prolonged bleeding

By doctor standards, a normal period should last between three and seven days. Menorrhagia, known as prolonged bleeding, can last longer than a week. The first cause to look at is if birth control is being taken. Most birth controls can change the duration of a menstrual cycle causing it to be light, heavy, shorter, or longer. If this is not the case, there could be an underlying issue.

Take in consideration of what products your use. Even the commercial pads have chemicals inside of them that can cause problems within a woman’s body. The chemicals within tampons can cause clotting problems, infections, and a thickened endometrium.
Heavy bleeding is most likely due to hormones. Nonetheless, with heavy bleeding, if a doctor is not consulted than more tampons are used. More tampons mean increased chances of the chemicals seeping into the body and wreaking havoc.

Organic tampons vs. Cotton tampons

Many prefer to stick with tampons because of the familiarity. Cotton tampons are known as commercial tampons. Although there are companies such as Kali Box, making organic cotton tampons, the lower cost of commercial tampons has always been eye-catching. As mention before, cotton products have different elements within for absorbency purposes. Cotton products include can include rayon and other synthetic fibers like viscose as well as being chlorine-bleached. Whereas organic tampons do away with those fibers and the bleaching. Making the tampons bio-degradable which is healthier for our ecosystem.

Prices play a role when it comes to our menstrual cycles but it shouldn’t be a reason to risk a healthy reproductive system. All around the world, the idea of commercialized tampons has been a part of our cultural history to the point where we trust the products. Dealing with heavy or prolonged periods is never easy, but what picking out a product with your health in mind is.

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